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Trying Out New Wood Chipper

The tree in front of my house is growing towards my house, because another tree was next to it so it was looking for some space. The issue is now, as it grows and gets heavier the risk of it falling is increasing. I called two different tree companies that both quoted a price that […]

2022 business Exterior Home Improvements

Finished Painting House

A few years ago, I thought anyone going on a ladder at heights or getting on a roof was crazy. The thoughts that even the slightest slip could cause the person to plunge to the ground and likely die, I don’t like to think about it. But, last week, a neighbor asked me to help […]

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Energy Prices Through the Roof

Earlier this year, I was thinking about converting my home heating system from diesel gas a.k.a. oil to natural gas or electric. I am not under any contract with a home heating oil supply company and have done some research about new systems, energy efficiency ratings and equipment options. I feel energy pricing is unpredictable, […]

2022 Art Home Improvements Interior Home Improvements

Block Wall Design Project – Overdue

About ten years ago, I had a vision for a wall that looked a lot like this. Since then, I’ve seen similar walls in man places including as the background on TV shows and in model homes. I like the look as an alternative to a plain wall. A couple of days ago, Lowe’s had […]

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Exterior Home Improvements Personal Science

What I Learned #9 – Ice Melts

I went to the hardware store yesterday to buy some much-needed salt and was a little surprised by the price of $23 for a twenty pound bag. I told the neighbors. They were equally surprised considering a twenty pound bag of rock salt sells for about $5 at Home Depot. I decided to take a […]

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New Workbench For Garage

I’m thinking about projects I will do in the next year. I am definitely going to do more work in the garage and really need a much larger garage. Unfortunately, I have to make due with what I have. Right now, I have a couple of stationary surfaces including an old desk and the old […]

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Designing Out Rooms

I remember taking drafting classes in middle school. I was a pretty good artist, as I remember, but these days I rarely have the patience to sit down and carefully draw something. I do sketch things out every once in a while but my sketches are often disregarded. About six months ago, I hired an […]