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As someone who spent about three years in college, I am haunted by that period of my life. After college, I spent about ten years in sales when my main focus was on being happy. Nobody wanted to buy anything from anyone if they weren’t nice. Then, after leaving my sales job, I quickly discovered […]

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Word of the Day – Akrasia

I was just watching a YouTube video overview of philosophy, created by what was likely a student who just read a few text books. But, interesting none the less. The creator said her understanding of philosophy is that is leads thinkers to knowledge and develops critical thinking vs. religion that is more about aligning with […]

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“I Kinda’ Got Sidetracked”

It’s Wednesday. The day in the middle of the week when I can’t say that I’m trying to get back in the zone because it is Monday and I can’t say that I’m tired because it is Friday and I’ve had a long week. It is time to get focused and remember that I have […]