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“I Kinda’ Got Sidetracked”

It’s Wednesday. The day in the middle of the week when I can’t say that I’m trying to get back in the zone because it is Monday and I can’t say that I’m tired because it is Friday and I’ve had a long week. It is time to get focused and remember that I have it in me to get it done. Knock it out of the park and hit as many as you can.

I’ll think of, in my opinion, the best scene of any movie – ever.

The best scene ever.

The Natural. A movie loosely based on a Baltimore Orioles player who was stalked by a fan and shot, while playing for another team in Pennsylvania. He recovered too. It is a story many of us can related to if there was something in your life that caused you to get sidetracked from your dreams or lose focus.

Get back in there. Get focused. Get it done. Have a great Wednesday.

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