Traveling to Reykjavík

credit Wikipedia

Based on recommendations from friends, after posting about places they’ve been that they think everyone should go, I’m planning a trip to Reykjavik this year. For the first time since I can remember, I’m going to do a lot of research and plan what I am going to do before I get there. Hopefully it will be a trip worth remembering.

Planning. What do I need to consider before going?

  • temperature at the time of year
  • will the pandemic still be a big deal
  • what will I eat and drink? Local food and water and, if so, will that be o.k.?
  • are there local places to visit that are a must see while there?
  • can I do any work while there including special videos or tributes?
  • can I look at real estate while there?
  • will someone go with me?
  • is there a way to take a train also or just fly? how long is the flight?

This is a link to top 10 things to do on a random travel site.