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New Workbench For Garage

I’m thinking about projects I will do in the next year. I am definitely going to do more work in the garage and really need a much larger garage. Unfortunately, I have to make due with what I have.

Right now, I have a couple of stationary surfaces including an old desk and the old kitchen countertop from when I renovated my kitchen. Neither is great and they aren’t mobile.

The new plan is to get rid of one or both of those and design a single movable bench that I can use for multiple projects and have nice storage underneath for many of the items, including tools, that are currently cluttering my garage.

The wheels will need to lock so I can do projects that would not be safe if the bench moved. I need to buy the wood and find the right wheels.

This is the type of design I’m thinking about. Probably about 36″ high.


Gary’s Workbench

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