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Bradford Pear Wood – What To Do?

Bradford pear wood is somewhat common but also known to be a nice wood for carving utensils, small sculptures and other woodworking projects. The patterns in the wood are nice and it is a hard wood that is very durable.

The tree in front of my house had been growing towards the house for years. After seeing a small buckle at the bottom of the tree and noticing that most of the branches were growing in the direction of the house, I decided to cut it down. Felling the tree and cutting up the branches was more work than I estimated in part because the wood chipper is small and I had to strip many of the branches prior to cutting them. The main trunk was a big deal, weighing thousands of pounds.

After all the work, I was finally able to get the site cleaned up and most branches stacked in two separate wood piles. Now, my biggest challenge is trying to figure out what to do with the trunk that I chopped up. I called a couple of schools to see if they would be interested in wood for their woodworking programs but couldn’t reach anyone. Surprisingly, the middleschool closest to me doesn’t have a woodworking program. I had one in middle school as an entry-level program also called “shop class.” At the time, I guess it was meant to give kids a taste of working with their hands instead of pushing pencils all day. It was more dangerous that many schools likely tolerate today.

I took some wood to the dump but I’m not feeling guilty about the remaining wood. Similar wood pieces on ETSY are selling for $25 a piece.

Bradford Pear Wood

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