What I Learned – This Week

I have a strong commitment to learning new bits every day and journal them on this blog. I haven’t been writing regularly in part because I have been very busy. Part of learning is recalling facts and thinking about them. So, here goes this weeks.

I continue to work on homes and with each project I learn something new. I’m also rethinking many parts of my business, developing processing and technology stacks.

This week, I learned that soy or bees wax candles are less bad for you than other cheaper candles. I am exploring installation of a rear window on my house and learned that ‘mullions’ are the bar in between windows while ‘muntins’ are the pieces on the glass that are often simply showing the division of panels. A cupola is a small, often ornamental structure at the top of a building, sometimes resembling a small lighthouse.

When consulting with a plumber about some issues with a little water in my basement, he suggested using a type of liquid that, when poured on the soil outside of a house, will form a type of barrier that will help stop leaking. A less expensive option for leaking vs. doing a full waterproof job, sub-pump or French drain.

I cut down the tree in my front yard. It took about a week off and on. One branch at a time. I purchased a mulch machine for the branches and took parts of the stump to the dump.

I’m now organizing my personal sheets as:

  • Home cleaning & maintenance; home improvement
  • Meal planning
  • Traveling; entertainment plans, golf tracking
  • Workout schedule; daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals
  • Healthcare plans; check-ups, shots and other health issues
  • Education schedule: work learning, self learning, projects
  • Family schedule: bike riding, group travel, holidays
  • Gardening: plant schedule

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