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Trying Out AI Art Generator

Yesterday, I found a new hobby. Creating AI art. I signed up for a test account of an AI art generator and am overwhelmed. Without saying too much, here are some of the results. I created all of these pictures using the AI. They are unique and could be used for anything.

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Recipe List or Less Processed Foods

A long dream of mine has been to say I am a good cook. Someone who knows his way around the kitchen and can make amazing food that people will remember. Growing up, my father cooked a bit but I spent most of my time living with my mother and she was often too busy […]

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Trying Out New Wood Chipper

The tree in front of my house is growing towards my house, because another tree was next to it so it was looking for some space. The issue is now, as it grows and gets heavier the risk of it falling is increasing. I called two different tree companies that both quoted a price that […]

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Music Doc – Revival

I enjoy watching music documentaries. Movies with stars playing people such as Elvis, Elton John, Freddie Mercury and others are interesting but I can’t say that I connect with them as much as I do while watching a documentary and seeing real people, not actors. This morning, I was watching the Credence Clear Water Revival […]

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Energy Prices Through the Roof

Earlier this year, I was thinking about converting my home heating system from diesel gas a.k.a. oil to natural gas or electric. I am not under any contract with a home heating oil supply company and have done some research about new systems, energy efficiency ratings and equipment options. I feel energy pricing is unpredictable, […]

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Book Reviews – Coming Soon

As someone who spent about three years in college, I am haunted by that period of my life. After college, I spent about ten years in sales when my main focus was on being happy. Nobody wanted to buy anything from anyone if they weren’t nice. Then, after leaving my sales job, I quickly discovered […]

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When does life begin?

This morning, I had a short but interesting discussion with someone in a thread on NextDoor. Someone posted a warning about a pregnancy clinic and called the operators “monsters.” I defended the clinic and an individuals right to seek medical advice and help making an intelligent decision about their pregnancy. The other person posted a […]

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What I Learned #9 – Ice Melts

I went to the hardware store yesterday to buy some much-needed salt and was a little surprised by the price of $23 for a twenty pound bag. I told the neighbors. They were equally surprised considering a twenty pound bag of rock salt sells for about $5 at Home Depot. I decided to take a […]

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Broccoli, Chinese Cabbage & White Radish

According to a commenter on this article on Quora, broccoli, Chinese cabbage and white radish are the three vegetables we should all eat in order to stay off aging and get the vitamins our bodies need to function. I cannot remember the last time I had cabbage or radish. The nutrition goal this week is […]

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What I Learned (Already)

This week, I still have a couple of days to go but I’m definitely getting some things ironed out. I definitely learned a few things this week. Summery: Dogs should not have raw dough or raw eggs. I might want to set up a company benefit program My sister recommended sweet potatoes, tofu and chickpeas […]