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Recipe List or Less Processed Foods

A long dream of mine has been to say I am a good cook. Someone who knows his way around the kitchen and can make amazing food that people will remember. Growing up, my father cooked a bit but I spent most of my time living with my mother and she was often too busy working to cook. I didn’t eat often and when I did it was uncomplicated, for example cereal or Pop-Tarts.

Over the years, I learned that my body doesn’t perform well physically or mentally when consuming certain foods including gluten, dairy and sugar. The list of processed foods or recipes containing one or more of those three is long. If food manufacturers attempt to hide the ingredients by calling them by other names, that makes it even more challenging. Using the phrase ‘cane juice’ or other creative names just confuses consumers.

Foods that I like that contain those ingredients include chocolate, pizza and almond milk. The other day I ate a bag of mixed nuts with some chocolate and was up in the middle of the night going to the bathroom every thirty minutes or more. My stomach was a mess. Sometimes I just don’t know if something is going to hit me the wrong way and, if so, it isn’t good. Yesterday, I read that carbonated beverages and some vegetables, including kale, are bad for digestion. Those Kale salads are history.

My best bet is to try to stick to unprocessed foods in small easily-digestible quantities. Recipes can’t be complicated because with each ingredient I increase the risk that something is not going to agree with me. I’ve been thinking about meal planning for a long time. I need to get on that.

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