Product Reviews – This week, I tried vegan cheese. It was not good at all.
Apps – I downloaded Paramount+ this week. I guess eleven streaming apps weren’t enough.
Entertainment – Garth Brooks announced a concert in Baltimore. Nice to see some things returning.
Sports – Professional lacrosse (PLL) announced their viewership is up from 2019. Rooting for those guys.
Golf – The pandemic really helped boost golf. More people out there. I just don’t have time lately. Sad.
Goatee Golf – My dot golf domain was cancelled. I guess there weren’t enough people buying dot golf domains.
Camping – As I plan for a small vacation in August, I’m considering camping. I might empty out my truck.
Movies – I’ve been watching far too much Netflix over the past couple of weeks. Too much to review.
Dogs – I ran into a guy with a dog named Hershey. A labradoodle. A dog that doesn’t shed sounds great.
Music Review – I listened to The Killer’s collaboration with Bruce Springstein. I don’t think it was good at all.
Silly – I had someone say that I tell a lot of “dad jokes.” As someone with no kids, they aren’t dad jokes.
Home Improvements – I purchased self-adhering backsplash for my kitchen and think it looks good, not great.
Interior Home Improvements – Finishing the work on the basement bathroom and repairing the pipe is priority.
Exterior Home Improvements – Yesterday, I was looking into building an irrigation system in my yard.
Politics – I just cannot stand listening to Trump speak. I understand his thought process but it is so annoying.
Inflection – I was looking into relationship behavior and learned I might have an “anxious” style.
Workshop – I worked on my itemization of what should be in my workshop. I need to clear it out.
Wordworking – I reversed the gate on my fence this week. Now it opened properly.
Metalwork – I looked up the value of my metal art. I don’t think there is any money in creating small scale art.
Business – I received a notice that one of my trademarks was successfully approved/renewed. Good news.
Investors, Funding and Venture Capital – I sent a book idea to Jason Calicanis. What to do pre-money.
Marketing – The organic leads for TPW dried up over the past couple of weeks. Need to start a small campaign.
Public-relations – I watched a video of a PR rep talking about a typical day. Tours, press releases and email.
Data Science
Cooking – I Bought some Bourbon Syrup.
Food – I’ve been trying various types of cheese, despite lactose intolerance. Also bought cherries.
What I Learned – Learned about a dye additive to trace cleaners. My father explained his osmosis treatment.
Personal – Every time I think about entering a relationship, I convince myself it is a horrible idea.
Business – I discouraged by the racial inequality in Baltimore.
Personal Health – I made appointments with two doctors for the end of July. Need to find a good dentist also.
Fitness – I got down to almost 195 but was a little dehydrated. I need to lose another 5-10 lbs. I look better.
Fitness Routine – I need to organize the basement and get regular classes scheduled for fall. Upper body focus.
Video Journal – If i can get the garage organized over the next couple of weeks, I’ll set up a regular podcast.
Food – I just learned I have a redundant category.
Pandemic – People are taking off their masks. It is strange to get to know someone and finally see their face.
Finance – I closed some accounts and created a pre-paid food card to keep track of food spending.
Investment – My CELO investment has been up and down. I need to set a timeline and target price for it.
Stories – I was interested by a story someone told me about Massachusetts. I’ve never been north of New York.
Languages – I suggested to my nephew that he start speaking Spanish with his Spanish wife one day per month.
French – I watched a reality show with a French-speaking participant. Women loved it when he spoke.
Spanish – I listened to a podcast about Spanish speaking. I might find it difficult to figure out masculine/feminine.
Mandarin – I need to find a good channel for learning Mandarin. I never hear it. Very surprising yet not surprising.
Writing – I’ve decided to start writing blog posts in German, Spanish, French and maybe Mandarin. To help learn.
Writing Tips – I need to focus more on writing about what other people might want to read and active voice.
Travel – I am so indecisive about where to travel in August. Iceland is on my list but I don’t want to fly.
Getting Organized – I bought a sink-side organizer to use instead of the cup I’ve been using for years.
Career – Today, I’m working on more time tracking to eliminate waste in my day-to-day.
Jobs – I learned about a research lab job at Black and Decker. Sounds interesting. I might apply.
Training – I need to log into my product management course today.
Acting – Nothing new in this category other than a Facebook suggestion to connect to an actress.
Podcasts – I discovered a new podcasting platform and might start subscribing to pods.
Product Management – I need to automate feedback and possibly hire a research company. I’ll check on it.
Product Development – I worked on team tools to help the team communicate during the development process.
Product Engineering
Product Innovation
Product Marketing
Product Pricing
Baltimore – A local software company was awarded a massive government contract. They might need help.
Quora – I posted a question about taxes. It is scary to think about taxes and all the rules.
Investments – This year, I am finally going to put move funds into my investment account.
Cryptocurrencies – I think the crypto surge over the past sixteen months was because of government stimulus.
Business School
Finance Education
Fitness – Education
Law – My trademark was renewed.
Business Law
Civil Rights Law
Environmental Law
Intellectual Property Law
International Law
The single post.


I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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