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Using Image Generation – AI

I spent a few minutes using an image generator to put my face on my favorite celebrities. I decided I can’t put my face on my favorite “black” celebrities because some people might interpret that different than intended. My intent here is not to offend anyone but simply to show how the technology is advancing and, if you are like me, when watching a movie you might like to envision yourself in the character’s role and dream that you could do some of the amazing things they do.

The Burt Reynold’s one was thrown in at the last minute. I thought it was funny. Burt Reynolds was a larger-than-life guy for a while and was living his dream. Ridiculous in many ways. Self deprecating while at the same time being confident. He really fell apart at the end. #sad. We all get old.

The Natural is a great film that I enjoyed watching in the theater as a kid. It was touching story of a man who wanted to be great, while some people tried to hold him back and, despite their efforts, he succeeded. We all get told we can’t do things. It is nice to dream that we can do great things.

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