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Oculus VR Headset Review

I received an Oculus Quest VR headset about 6 months ago and haven’t spent a lot of time on it but have had a chance to navigate through the core parts. This is my review.

My first impression of the experience was awe. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Within fifteen minutes of powering up, and logging in, I was flying in a hot air balloon, climbing mountains, sky diving and diving with fish. It was, at first, amazing.

My amazement faded a bit when, like with any product, I started identifying issues and features I just didn’t like. I was very impressed with some of the game visuals but found them boring. I attended some music events including one from Billie Eilish and was surprised by the lack of attendees. Many events were being attended by only a few people and most were children. The language learning program was nice but seems to only focus on some basic words, not the immersive language experience I was expecting.

In one of the games, I did experience a bit of dizziness, something I’ve heard from other people. I had to sit down while playing so I didn’t fall. I got over that a bit after using more. Surprisingly, I tried the fitness app Supernatural and did not get dizzy. I did get sweaty and feel there must be a better way than sweating all over the headset. The price was a bit much but fair considering the technology. I missed the cancellation deadline so I have it for a year.

After the initial few short experiences, the device sat on my table for about 4 months. I wasn’t getting alerts from friends or any other kind of message that would get me to log in and start using it again.

I’m going to continue to explore programs and hopefully I can use it to get some exercise over the next few winter months, while trapped in the cold weather. I typically get much less exercise in the winter and start putting on the pounds. Computer work will do that. I’ll post updates about those experiences.

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