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GQ Box – Unboxing

I received a promotional email from GQ (Gentleman’s Quarterly) offering a product box, sent quarterly for $50. The ad claimed the products would have a value of $400. My first thought was – no way.

I know the GQ brand well enough to trust them a bit and purchased the box. It came about two weeks later and was about the size of a shoe box. It contained a couple of coupons for free items that came in two separate boxes over the past couple of weeks.

Yesterday, I received the shirt that turns out is very nice. It might be the nicest casual long sleeve shirt I own, in part because I generally don’t purchase expensive clothes and am notorious for buying clothes that could be considered disposable to a degree. I definitely need a closet revamp and this might be the start of something.

Other items in the box included skincare products, shampoo and other personal items that I can’t think of where I would buy. Whenever I visit the mall, I generally don’t go into skincare and makeup stores because they cater mainly to women. It was nice to get some quality products geared towards men.

It is a buy in my book and suggest you give it a try.

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