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When does life begin?

This morning, I had a short but interesting discussion with someone in a thread on NextDoor. Someone posted a warning about a pregnancy clinic and called the operators “monsters.” I defended the clinic and an individuals right to seek medical advice and help making an intelligent decision about their pregnancy.

Part I of the discussion.
Part II of the discussion

The other person posted a response presumably after a Google search. I found the article very interesting. This is a PDF so it will download when clicked. (trustworthy site)

One part I found especially interesting was that, after conception, for up to fourteen days the zygote can split into two separate individuals. From a religious standpoint, it is unclear if someone has a soul within the first fourteen days and when does someone get a soul if they are one of twins, triplets or other multiple baby births.

I wasn’t clear on one part referencing the philosophical view that someone isn’t alive or doesn’t have a “life” until they begin having rational thought measured by an EEG. But, I wasn’t clear on when the author claims an EEG can be done because he noted that EEGs can’t be done at early stages of pregnancy. I might need to re-read that one.

I don’t believe anyone can absolutely claim that life begins at a certain point during pregnancy. The author of the article provided an interesting breakdown of the various scientific views and how they align with philosophical and religious views.

I am sure many of you have family members and friends who have had abortions and would not refer to them as murderers. But, depending on the view of when life begins, that might be an appropriate term.

In early pregnancy, I zygote is considered an individual within fourteen days but nobody is qualified enough to say when that individual gets a soul. What do you think?

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