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Idea – Sign Strip for Emergency Vehicles

I just watched this video posted from a police officer venting about not being able to get people to move over when the are driving. The issue here is simple. The officer is frustrated by her inability to communicate with drivers.

So, if I were an inventor, I would not just look at this as a way to punish the officer, I would look at it as an opportunity to come up with a new idea to solve the problem. Say, for example, signage on the front of the vehicle lights that could inform drivers ahead of the care to PLEASE MOVE, PULL OVER, STAY IN VEHICLE or other requests including reason for pulling over. Or, different colors for different requests.

This is one of those, uh why hasn’t this been invented moments or why doesn’t it exist. We’ve all been there. We are driving down the road and suddenly a police officer is on our tail. Why? Do they want to pass? They don’t have their lights on so I guess they aren’t going to pull me over. But, should I move over? If I increase speed, are they going to “find a reason” to pull me over.

The solution could be simple. The technology exists. So, why wouldn’t they just do it. I think part of the reason is because government workers are not incentivized to come up with ideas. That is for the entrepreneur community. So, here is the idea.

Emergency Vehicle with digital signage.

The number of traffic stops with negative outcomes due to poor communication would go down because any vehicle in from of the emergency vehicle would not have to guess or rely on intuition. Colors could be a simple option but a full text panel would greatly enhance communication. In the case of language issues, colors could be used to indicate standard typical requests or commands.

-Gary Pick

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