They Created a Star.  Now What?
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They Created a Star. Now What?

So, the biggest news this week other than someone talking trash about some politicians was the announcement of successful positive energy from a fusion test. It sounds like the biggest significance is as an option other than nuclear power, and hopefully safer though the announcers didn’t say anything about the safety of it. The biggest…

Language Learning in VR – Meta
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Language Learning in VR – Meta

Yesterday, I searched through the app store on Meta’s Oculus metaverse. I have language learning on my to do list but haven’t been able to incorporate it into my schedule. I think learning in VR may be a great way to learn. I want to focus on learning French, Spanish, Mandarin and German with a…

Make Memories

About two years ago, I started working on houses in my neighborhood as a way of making some extra cash while also getting me away from the computer. At first, I wasn’t sure how much time I would spend on the projects. Now, two years in the rear view mirror, I think the past two…