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Language Learning in VR – Meta

Yesterday, I searched through the app store on Meta’s Oculus metaverse. I have language learning on my to do list but haven’t been able to incorporate it into my schedule. I think learning in VR may be a great way to learn.

I want to focus on learning French, Spanish, Mandarin and German with a higher focus on Spanish simply because many people in the United States speak Spanish and I often run into people who speak it. Out of respect for them, I would love to be able to understand what they say and respond in Spanish. To do that, practicing interaction is important and that is exactly what Mondly does.

After a brief overview of how to operate the app, I was traveling on a plane, train, taxicab and hotel. The app includes characters that speak with fluent accents and I was able to push a button to request repeat, then offered options for how to respond. Most of the interaction went well but once I nailed the phrase but it didn’t recognize my words.

As a visual learner, I like that the learning is in a virtual setting. I can associate the words with a setting, all-be-it a simulation. When traveling, I think forcing the brain to come up with answers is the best way to learn. Total immersion. Someone will learn quickly if they aren’t able to get to the next level or reach their goals without learning what is needed.

I’m going to dive in and will post more on the status in the future. I hope the app will save the status so I can jump back in later and won’t have to start from scratch. I selected Chinese but would prefer to learn Cantonese. There doesn’t seem to be an option for Cantonese.

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