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Jackson Pollock – Tree

I spent about ten hours last month creating art from AI generation tools. It is somewhat addictive. Think of an idea for something, type a few words and the computer generates a customized original piece within seconds. It is not likely anyone could identify the works the AI used to help build the piece unless somehow image copyright tags make it into the new art. That is possible.

I generated this piece last night. Most paintings from Jackson Pollock feel like a random mess of paint splashes on an oversized canvas that sell for millions of dollars. I created this piece for about twelve cents. I received a quote to print it on a 24 x 36 canvas for about $55 including shipping.

Jackson Pollock Tree – on Canvas

I posted it on Facebook and someone commented that it took a computer to generate a Pollock-style picture that resembles anything. The picture definitely looks a lot like a Pollock painting but it also looks like a tree, without being too abstract.

I may order a copy for a room in the house.

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