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Looking for a World Record

Who wouldn’t want to hold a world record? One of my list items is to identify and try to beat a world record. I have a list. This is it. I’m narrowing it down.

  1. Most basketball free throws made in one minute
  2. Most basketball three point shots made in one minute
  3. Most cookies eaten in three minutes
  4. Most skips of a rope in one minute
  5. Fastest time to eat a 12 inch pizza.
  6. Most apples eaten in one minute
  7. Most push-ups in one minute
  8. Longest time spent wearing a fake mustache
  9. Most pies thrown in one minute
  10. Most rubber chickens squeezed in one minute
  11. Most consecutive one-legged hops while wearing oversized shoes
  12. Fastest time to eat a bowl of cereal while standing on one leg
  13. Most consecutive push-ups while wearing oven mitts
  14. Most marshmallows caught in the mouth while wearing a blindfold

I’m looking for other options.

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