Garth Brooks in Baltimore

It was pretty clear to me when I first heard Garth Brooks that he was going to be popular. He has a great sound that isn’t weird with lyrics most people can understand. He is the country equivalent of Billy Joel and has a similar trail. That is why it isn’t surprising to hear that he is coming to Baltimore to perform in early October.

It sounds like a good show. I listened to his “FUN” song a few minutes ago and it has an upbeat tone to it. Maybe a little too upbeat. It sounds almost like he is trying to hard to be upbeat and energetic and is losing a bit of the depth I felt in his earlier recordings. It must be challenging to create a studio album and try to be energetic when sitting in the studio all day. I has obviously led to a someone artificial sound but his voice is still great.

Baltimore has a wide range of music fans and while I initially wouldn’t have said that there were enough Billie Joel fans to fill a stadium, I was wrong. I’m sure there will be enough Garth Brooks fans also. The concert is the week of my birthday so that might be the thing to do.

Garth Brooks album cover. From news article.


I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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