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I was at my nephew’s house last month and suggested that he spend one day a month speaking Spanish-only with his wife. He thought it was a good idea but I strongly doubt that he followed through with the idea. I think a little Spanish here and there would be better for a while before committing to try an entire day of immersion.

I spent three years learning Spanish in high school but can barely remember anything other than a few foggy memories of sitting in class and not following very well. For test, I think I was more concerned about just guessing the answer correctly or trying to remember the word versus actually understanding what it meant. For me, Spanish class to learning is comparable to singing in quire and trying to be a professional opera singer. If you just go along with the song and aren’t really thinking about what it means, it is just memorization.

My new strategy is multi-media. I’m listening to podcasts, reading online, organizing notes and trying to think through the structure of the language. But, nobody in my household speaks Spanish so I’m not clear on how I could get daily practice. I would also like to learn more French, German, and Mandarin. Billions of people in other countries speak other languages and no English. Surprisingly, I’ve heard there are “thousands” of languages spoken across the world though only a handful are spoken by the majority. Incredible, don’t you think?

For Spanish, I am going to start writing some blog posts in Spanish-only. This may not be pretty and I will definitely use a grammar and spell checker. Let’s start.

¿Cómo crees que lo haré? How do you think I will do? Como = how. Crees = do you think. Qe lo hare = I will do.



I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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