Christmas in Rodgers Forge

A couple of home owners on a nearby street hung some Christmas lights across the street. Then, some more neighbors hung some lights. Soon enough, about 25 neighbors had lights stringing across the street. It made for a nice picture.

Love Lives Here

It wasn’t just one person organizing everything. It was individual neighbors who liked the look and decided to do it themselves. The “Love Lives Here” wording is actually a special kind of line light that is tied to a separate metal line.

One of my neighbors tried this a couple of years ago and their sign was knocked down by a truck that drove by. That sign was high but hung down a bit too low.

A couple of my neighbors asked me if I was interested in organizing something for my street. My first thought was that I think it could cost a lot because lights are about $1 per foot and we’ll probably need about 800-1000 feet. Each neighbor is going to have to think about that cost. One neighbor agreed to pitch in a couple hundred dollars.

My job today, and an “engineer” on the project, is to measure the distances, look for anchors or options for securing the lights to the houses and determine if using trees or possibly using some kind of pole would be better. I also need to check with the county to see if there is some kind of requirement for height and/ permit necessary for hanging the lights.

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