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I’m currently evaluating my own soft and hard skills to see if there are areas that I should focus on to improve my career, and my business.

My LinkedIn Profile

I don’t list all of my jobs and experiences on my LinkedIn resume. Here are some that I don’t list.

I. Lab Technician – I was a lab technician for an aggregate company in the early ’90s. My job was to get my truck, drive down to the quarry and take rock samples, then report them to the management team to ensure they are mining properly. Quarry Lake

II. Retail Jobs – As filler jobs, I held various temporary positions at Subway, Fashion Bug (yes, they had a men’s section), Walmart (unloading trucks), Weis Supermarket (as an associate) and had a very brief stint as a shift manager at Pizza Hut for about 3 days.

III. Credit Card Sales Rep – While in college, I sold credit cards over the phone for affinity groups like the National Audubon Society and other similar groups. It did not pay very well at all but I was good at it.

IV. Mobile Phone Sales Rep – I worked for a communications company selling mobile phones. Out of about 100 sales people, I was typically the first or second in the company, not necessarily because I was a better sales rep but because I worked harder than the other reps who mostly were there just collecting a basic paycheck. I started at what is now AT&T and moved to Comcast and Adelphia.

V. (CLEC) Competitive Local Exchange Rep – I was a local marketing rep and managed a budget of about $300K for local marketing campaigns. i set up trade shows, purchased marketing materials, put up billboards and other activities of the marketing management, though I wasn’t paid extra. Back then I was happy to get a steady well paying job. I was also a Master Partner of Quest Communications for a couple of years.

Since 2004, I’ve been mainly focused on product development and building the business. It is a lot to learn.

If there were other jobs, I can’t remember them right this minute. If I think of them, I’ll add them to this section.

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