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Bank of America ATM Card

Banking hours in the pandemic are limited right now and they may tighten up over the next couple of months. For now, it is important to provide as many options to people as possible that are touch-free and remote. Basically, people should not go into banking centers or have to touch dirty ATM machine keyboards.

What is Bank of America doing about it? Not much from what I can tell. I had trouble with one of my ATM cards a couple of days ago and was not able to get access to money. The banking center was closed, phone support offline, the APP didn’t have an option to change the pin and the website didn’t either. I was stuck with no money and I cancelled my credit cards.

According to the auto-attendant, I was told that, to change my pin, I would have to go into the banking center directly and speak to an associate. Not the best pandemic response for people who want to stay healthy. Bank of America is one of the biggest banks in the United States so they should definitely have the process down and be the leader.

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