Make Memories

About two years ago, I started working on houses in my neighborhood as a way of making some extra cash while also getting me away from the computer. At first, I wasn’t sure how much time I would spend on the projects. Now, two years in the rear view mirror, I think the past two years has flown by while at the same time I’ve made a lot of new memories. Prior to the past two years, the prior eight years are a blur. I did things but, overall, it was a very boring period of my life and I wasn’t having fun.

A couple of days ago, I was listening to a podcast about investing. The interviewee was talking about making products for astronauts including games. She said, while traveling in space, travelers get so bored that days just run together and they can lose a sense of time. The solution is games and other activities such as growing plants. Certainly, as engineers, they could engineer ways for the agriculture system to tend to plants, automating the farming. But, by giving the astronauts something to do, they are keeping their minds active and helping track time.

As years click by and get more boring with every day, I need to figure out new and interesting ways to create new memories. I am bored. Want to create memories together?

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