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What I Learned #9 – Ice Melts

I went to the hardware store yesterday to buy some much-needed salt and was a little surprised by the price of $23 for a twenty pound bag. I told the neighbors. They were equally surprised considering a twenty pound bag of rock salt sells for about $5 at Home Depot. I decided to take a […]


What I Learned. #8

This week, I spent a lot of time catching up on some reading and getting caught up on paperwork. At the end of last week, I spent the day on the Eastern Shore of Maryland visiting my father. The conversation we had helped to resolve some questions but also produced some more. I hope I […]

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Broccoli, Chinese Cabbage & White Radish

According to a commenter on this article on Quora, broccoli, Chinese cabbage and white radish are the three vegetables we should all eat in order to stay off aging and get the vitamins our bodies need to function. I cannot remember the last time I had cabbage or radish. The nutrition goal this week is […]

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I Tried to Join the Military

Most of the men in my family have been in one branch of the military or another. I was told it was good to get out and travel the world and see things that most people don’t get to see. It is also mandatory in some countries and for good reason. I think everyone should […]

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Started a Quora Community

I started a Quora community around Baltimore. Now, as the admin, I can build up a forum of people with questions about Baltimore. The hope is that we all learn more about the history, news and people of Baltimore. If you find this page and want to submit, just submit a question on Quora like […]


Political Records – Real

I get tired of watching political ads when people are running for office. They often highlight just a few things, overly simplified so we can all understand, and that is it. Most people make decisions on whether someone will be elected based on those few simple messages. For most people in office, they have a […]

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Coldest Week So Far

This week is predicted to be the coldest week so far this year. Beginning of February. Did you know that the reason it is colder after the winter solstice is because the earth’s oceans store heat during the summer and gradually lose that heat in the fall. Winter is marked by the point when there […]