Political Records – Real

I get tired of watching political ads when people are running for office. They often highlight just a few things, overly simplified so we can all understand, and that is it. Most people make decisions on whether someone will be elected based on those few simple messages.

For most people in office, they have a political record that can be researched. Most people don’t have the time to spend hours, days or more researching candidates. They rely on various media outlets to do the research and uncover anything that might be shocking or they feel people should know. Those media companies have relationships though and finding a completely unbiased source is pretty difficult. Who can you trust?

Want to know the career history of President Biden? Want to know what kinds of animals he owns, his favorite car or his hobbies? This website has a good bit of information. It says Biden has a cat, drives a 1967 corvette, liked working out and enjoys designing homes.

I am going to research the site a bit more. It claims to have facts on over 40,000 politicians.


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