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I’ve been tuning into a few new shows lately. Netflix has some new original content but is also licensing a good bit of content that I assume was one on ore more global cable channels at some point over the past decade. But, I haven’t had cable in about a decade.

This is a short post about some recommendations.

First, Mortel is definitely geared towards teenagers but at the same time it has nudity, simple characters and I didn’t find it very entertaining. Skip it.

The Ancient Aliens series is interesting. Ancient Aliens is a documentary-style show exploring if past civilizations were visited by aliens. If you like seeing parts of the world that aren’t included on TripAdvisor, it is a good show to watch. If you think alien theorists are wack-jobs, you should skip it. The show is well made.

The Gift was interesting. Without giving any spoilers, I liked trying to follow the characters as they changed in different dimensions. I found the lead character very pretty so that made it easy to watch. It made me want to visit Europe, for a minute or two. I think everyone is Istanbul is in another world.

Startup was very realistic. Having been in a start-up myself, I found some of the situations very believable while others were overly dramatic. I don’t know any founders who have been murdered or threatened but I certainly know working with investors can be cut-throat.

Startups bring people together that should have diverse teams of individuals with a wide-range of skills. That diversity makes for an interesting line-up of characters. The show creators accurately painted a picture that investors can be very difficult to work with, developers are hired guns, and the minute the money runs out, everyone starts freaking out. Startups are very risky and unfortunately the good guy doesn’t always win.

I strongly advise avoiding Manifest. Spoiler alert, they all nearly die in the beginning. I say that because a common joke is to say everyone dies in the end. Manifest is not very interesting past the introduction of the characters. Most scenes remind me of a soap opera and don’t seem very realistic. The actors are okay but seem to be picked to meet some kind of diversity algorithm and I don’t think there is much real chemistry. I wasn’t getting caught up in it and would rather watch grass grow or paint dry.

I am about six episodes into The OA show. So far, it is great. I was impressed by the quality of filming, was moved by some scenes and felt the background music was nice. The creators added some seasoned talented actors that make me think this is a high budget production, and I’m excited that it is available for the eight or nine dollars I spend on Netflix every month.

The end.


I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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