What I Learned This Week # 14

Outside work. I was working with a client and suggested some driveway work. In looking at various options for helping people with their homes, working on driveways could be a great option. For blacktop driveways, using a pressure washer first, cleaning out cracks, applying a patch and then sealing seems like a fairly simple process. Like pressure washing, driveway work is something that people probably won’t want to tackle themselves. I learned that blacktop patch material should cure for a couple of months prior to sealing.

I was worried about using bleach in my projects. I think I need to reduce the use some more and definitely get some better application tools. But, this morning I learned that there is no research that indicates bleach could cause cancer. It isn’t toxic but can cause respiratory issues if not careful. The fine mist generated when applying is not great.

I am working towards putting more money away for future healthcare expenses. I will surely have more issues as I get older and I need to start doing more to prepare for those issues. Over the next six months, I have a target to contribute to the (HSA) Healthcare Savings Account. I need to check if, as the owner of my company, I can contribute to that similar to how I can contribute to the retirement accounts. On a finance issue, I was able to chat with a finance company and settle a disagreement we had over the balance on the account. While we couldn’t agree on the amount due, we worked out a final number and now that issue is history. It was one of the biggest issues on my finance to-do list so I’m glad that is done.

I was looking at new televisions. I learned that, instead of investing in a waterproof outside television, I can simply buy a box to put around the television.

When listening to a podcast yesterday, I learned about “brown noise.” Similar to white noise, “brown noise” is supposed to help some people to concentrate and be more productive. It must be similar to listening to music while doing work. The music stimulates the brain and instead of causing overload – it helps get the brain going. I’m going to spend some time checking that out this week.


I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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