It has been about a month since my last What I Learned post. Today, I have to be somewhere soon so I’ll have to make it quick.

I’ve been using Google Sheets to get organized. I just learned how to create a simple dropdown using ‘data validation.’ I’m going to use that feature to complete options for my meal planning.

While working on a pool this week, I learn the difference between a fresh water pool and a salt water system. Interestingly, the salt water system creates chlorine by converting the salt into chlorine while the fresh water system requires direct input of chlorine. The differences are that salt water systems require a little less maintenance but also don’t have that distinct overwhelming chlorine smell and the accompanying potential for staining clothes.

Finance. While looking into GAAP accounting systems, I learned that I can use a mixed GAAP and non-GAAP system. For example, the former COO of Twitter is operating a new company and, in a recent Bloomberg interview, discussed how they are managing finances using a mixed process that includes non-GAAP systems because his company feels their process is a better process for managing cashflow. GAAP is a standard used by investors for comparing various investments. I’ve reach that using non-GAAP processes is bad, though I suppose some exceptions can be made if accounting is done properly.

Cicadas are all over the neighborhood. Yesterday, they were noticeably much louder than they have been in the past couple of weeks. The chirping or screaming, whatever you want to call it, seemed to move in waves throughout the neighborhood. I am very glad this doesn’t happen every year because between the dead bodies and shells laying all over the place and the noise, it is not fun to be outside.

I had a cicada fall on me the other day, making me jump out of my skin. I think the clicking of my dog leash made a clicking sound that was similar to the female cicada clicking and it attracted a male cicada. The scream on the way down surprised me beyond words. I went on YouTube and learned that the clicking noise can make the cicada follow.

I created an herb garden and learned about soil mixtures. I’m going to go to Valley View Farms to get a soil acidity test. I also need to look into soil salinity testing. I used a recommended mixture of potting soil, regular soil and a new combination of compost including some coffee grounds from Starbucks.

I set up Apple Pay to start using that with a specific client. First time using Apple Pay. A click wants to send me some money and he prefers Apple Pay for some reason.

I learned that my pressure washer needs a special kind of oil for the pump that is different than standard oil. The pump is 30 weight but is “non-detergent.” I also now have a maintenance schedule for my machines that includes working on the carb, replacing the oil.

I purchased a chain saw and started trimming branches in the yard. My hope is that I can do some projects outside that include some light branch trimming. I now have two separate chain saws, one for larger branches and trucks, and one for high up branches.


I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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