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Wow, this reporter just linked pro-life to gender identity and the related suicide rates.

Ouch. Linking being pro-life with suicide rates. Maybe the answer is to have more unisex sports so that everyone can participate and it won’t come down to complicated partisan discussions that include associating gender identity with abortion rights. For any government official, I’m sure making these decisions is not easy. There is surely a broad spectrum that covers people who have complex feelings and it is unfortunate that society is forcing them to check a box to identify as a boy or a girl.

You only have to look at women’s sports to see a significant number of sports that have people identifying in various ways. Take a look at women’s soccer. I would really like to hear from women on how they feel about being in showers with other women who identify as gay or transgender. As a man, I just can’t imagine it.

I think the world is ready for sports that incorporate men and women in various roles on the team, vs. a team entirely of men or women. People on the team would be in a position relative to their strengths and weaknesses vs. their self identification. A sport like running already has both sexes but the results are segmented by men vs. women. There are e-sports but surely there could be team sports that could incorporate both sexes in a way that isn’t dominated by how strong someone is but rather focuses on how well someone fits into the team and works together to achieve a goal.

On the topic of pro-life vs. abortion rights, I’ve had many discussions about that over the years and one recent discussion came down to, can the unborn child live without the mother? I would say no. But, could a three month old child live without their mother? Probably not. At least I can’t think of one example of any three month old living without the support of an adult to find food or take care of other necessities. Does that mean that the three month old is disposable? I don’t think so.

I use the same logic for children. If the argument is that an unborn baby is disposable because it depends on the mother and so they are essentially one person, giving the mother the ability to make a decision about what she can do. I don’t think that is reasonable.

In the case of women that feel they can’t take care of the baby or that the baby may pose a threat to their health if they keep it in their system, I can only hope that we reach a point in science when we can take an early term child and give them the support they need to live outside of the mother’s body. Scientists are working every day to find innovative ways to support the health of early-term births.

I think more attention needs to be directed and funds spent on the technology to support early-term birth vs. government funding going towards any part of the abortion process.

My mother told me I was not an expected pregnancy. She had just given birth to my brother and within six months was pregnant with me. She was on birth control but that failed somehow. I am glad she didn’t because I wouldn’t be posting this right now.


I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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