What I Learned This Week #12

This week was interesting.

I’m continuing my product management work and have received great feedback on my product management sheet. I am considering the possibility of creating a website for that so I can build in access to some resources.

This morning, while looking into how to remove the lead paint from my bathroom, I learned about a lead paint remediation certification that I might want to work towards. If I have the need, there are other people that surely need someone to help make their house safe. It is pretty alarming to think that an action as slight as opening a window could cause lead paint particles to enter the air.

How do you type the bitcoin symbol on a computer? Hold alt or option key and type 20BF to make Bitcoin symbol.

How do I fix a brick patio? I worked on a brick patio this week and learned how to put new mortar on the patio, along with the time needed to get it off without sticking. It is best to work in blocks of about four-to-five feet. Put the mortar (cement mixture) on the cracks and wipe off using a grout sponge. If there is remaining haze, use a pressure washer after the mixture sets.

How do I take down a tree? I have been exploring the option of taking down a tree in front of my neighbor’s house. He was going to do it but I offered to do it for him. He offered to pay a small amount of money. Coincidentally, a neighbor had their tree professionally felled. I was able to watch from beginning to end as the lead guy took down the tree and the team put the tree in a grinder, shooting it into the body of their large truck. They were able to do the project in about thirty minutes. I estimate is will take me about two hours because I will have to do everything by hand.

I’ve been reading a book called “Not In My Neighborhood.” Instead of reading the entire book in one sitting, as I can with a newspaper or other light reading, I’m reading about ten pages at a time. So far, I’ve learned some interesting history about some neighborhoods in downtown Baltimore. The writer started with late 1980s history until present day. As of my place in the book so far, he is writing about how Baltimore was separated into Jewish, black and white neighborhoods. It seems the Jewish people moved out of the city towards Pikesville and Owingsmills. Some people in the early 1900s would use a Supreme Court’s statement of “separate but equal” as a reason behind their segregationist positions.

More next week. It is Easter and I have a few things to do before going over my mother’s house.


I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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