Hair During Pandemic – 2021

Starting early last year, many people were immediately struck with how to maintain their hair when places were closed. If you don’t make – and break – the rules like Nancy Pelosi, you were left with trying to figure out how you were going to color your grey hair, keep it trim or just keep from looking bad.

I started letting it grow but then took a dramatic approach of just using clippers to cut my entire head. It was quick and easy and I have the nice benefit of having most of my hair. I do have a high forehead but I think it looked alright. Many people with receding hairlines either grow long hair or just shave it. It is difficult to tell if hair is thin when it is short.

Around September of 2020, I finally made it in to get my haircut. A neighbor, Liz, cuts hair at a local SportClips. She just used the clippers also but it was nice to have someone else do it for a change, especially because she was able to trim the back.

After Liz cut my hair, I decided it was time to just let it grow. Winter was on the way and I figured I would still be doing more remote work and wouldn’t have to worry about judgement from others. Longer hair is definitely not something I am used to. On a daily basis, I continue to think about going down to the basement and just shaving it again. I haven’t done that yet.

Gary Pick – Hair During Pandemic

This is as long as my hair has ever been. The only difference is that in the late 80s I had more hair in my face. I thought about doing something with it prior to cutting it.


I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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