Did you know that the average female human is born with approximately two million eggs. By the age of forty, she has about three percent, or less, of those eggs? Fertility is in line with the average historic life expectancy of about forty two years old, up until about 1850. Now, the average life expectancy is eighty four.

On a completely separate topic, this week I repaired a driveway, bought and installed a ceiling fan and spent time reading a new book entitled “Not in My Neighborhood.” I also spent time working on the product development checklist and received feedback from advisors. The driveway project was interesting because I learned about various materials I can use to repair cracks and overall masonry. For the ceiling fan project, I read the manual and installed the fan in about two hours by myself. I avoided paying about four hundred dollars to an electrician for rewiring and installation.

Ceiling Fan Installation – Rodgers Forge, Maryland

The “Not in My Neighborhood” book was given to me by my neighbor. He and I briefly discussed neighborhood demographics. I’ve only read the first ten pages and I’m already very interested in what the additional over one hundred pages include.

This morning, I watched an interesting woodworking video and saw how a drum sander works. The sand paper is wrapped around the drum or roller and as the wood is slid under it, the drum rolls – sanding the board underneath it. The video was of a woodworker who created an interesting cutting board made of various woods, then sold over two hundred of them. He is working on ways to increase his production capabilities without hiring a team of workers.

More next week.


I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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