I use a lot of software products. Too many. My biggest challenge over the past decade or more is managing the increasing number of products while also dealing with the concern that my computer could crash and I could lose a lot of work. Hosting on SaaS platforms is fine but the worst part about them is you can put your work on them for years – it is easy to collaborate with team members – but if you miss a bill, they will delete your data and won’t look back.

This happened to me with Atlassian a few years ago. My credit card didn’t go through for some reason and I missed the notice they sent as it was buried in the hundreds of emails I get every day. The result – they deleted my data. Luckily I had an archived copy of it but most of the changes were not updated since they don’t have a real-time archive or back-up option. The founders of that company are just sipping cocktails on the beach while their product is deleting tons of user data daily and all because they didn’t pay a $10 bill on time. Many cloud companies who aren’t run by sociopaths have a feature whereby access to the data is simply restricted or reverts back to the free version with less features – until the user pays the bill.

I am fairly certain that Google is not going anywhere anytime soon. And, unlike desktop or USB storage, I am fairly certain their storage isn’t going to corrupt or fail. I might want to back up those files though, some how.

Google Sheet Activity Page

I have a series of master spreadsheets that I’ve created to manage various parts of my business and personal life. For home improvements, for example, I’m managing everything that I am doing in a single sheet, tracking purchases and keeping track of ideas as they come to me or people make recommendations.

It has finally freed up my head to think things through a bit more instead of constantly trying to remember everything.

Now, for business functions like legal, I am going to keep track of my activities as I do them. This way I have a timeline of what I am doing that I can reference when I need to go back and audit my productivity or prove that I did something at a certain time.

Gary’s Organization Master

Hopefully, I will not lose any more data because the CEO of a SaaS company didn’t get $10.


I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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