Some Diet Changes

Tilapia is definitely off the diet list. After reading an article about farm raised fish and the toxins that are common in Talapia, I am not going to touch it. I really like the taste of the fish. Surprising because it is raised from crap.

I need to do some more work on what foods to eat at various times of the day. I have not been good about sticking to the diet. Going to a family get together last week, despite having told them about my diet multiple times they continued to ask me if I could eat certain things and offer me various foods that I should not be eating. They are definitely not swimsuit models so I shouldn’t follow their advice on what to eat.

I’ve been thinking about doing the Whole30 diet to see if I could stop cheating on some parts of the diet. It would be tough.

I need to do some more research into rice and if it is healthy or not. One health guru is always online saying it isn’t. Yet, it is a basic food that is eaten so often. Take it out?

I’ve been eating a lot of hummus. I may want to start making my own because I do not trust processed foods. They always throw something in to make it takes better so you think their product is better than what you can make yourself, for whatever reason. Hidden sugar. A little more salt or MSG. This week, I am going to explore how to make my own hummus.


I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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