I was just listening to a podcast on Linkedin. One of the members is an old friend. She was talking about the benefit of storytelling and how much she loves reading. She said, when writing about business, she thinks that businesses shouldn’t try to be the hero, they should “be Gandalf, be Yoda.”

I think that is the most interesting thing I’ve heard in a long time. Something to think about. As a service provider, you shouldn’t be in it to win, you should be in it to help other people win and that is how you deliver value to your customers.

She said she is in something like four book clubs so she clearly likes to read. I remember when she told me she has an eidetic memory, or basically another word for photographic. It wasn’t that she remembered everything she saw but also nearly everything she ever heard. Once, she replayed an entire scene from a TV show she watched when, on a phone conversation, I mentioned to her that I was watching that episode. I didn’t believe her and, sure enough, eidetic memory or not, she said word for word what the people in the show just said. #impressive

When telling stories, it is especially important to be able to remember details and pass along those details with a level of accuracy so that you don’t have to make things up or change the facts. I think most of us probably did that exercise in grade school when one person in class whispers something into someone’s ear and that person whispers into the next person’s ear and so on. By the time it gets around the room, the story is nothing like it was when it started.

She made the comment that humanity would not exist if not for storytellers being able to pass down knowledge from one generation to another. Storytelling or passing down knowledge from one person to another is definitely important. We can all agree on that.

They started talking about story archetypes and that is when it got a bit too deep for a Monday. So, I’ll have to read more about that another time.


I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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