I was reading an article this morning, after my father pointed out that Tilapia is not an ocean fish, after reading over my food list. On the list I had it as an ocean fish but that was a note more about not buying farm-raised fish. I actually didn’t know that Tilapia was a fresh water fish. But, I do know that farm-raised fish is considered not as healthy and farmers, especially in areas like China, often feed the fish chicken dung and other similar food that can produce fish with high levels of toxic chemicals.

I am surprised fish can even grow and survive by eating a lot of crap but I assume fish often have to feed on the bottom of rivers and other waterways and have to pick through layers of crap on the bottom to find food. Just feeding it to them is concerning.

I’ve heard farm-raised salmon is one of the most toxic foods someone can eat. That is counter to what most people believe when they spend $9 a pound or more to buy something they think is healthy. Another significant concern is the level of omega 6, that some feel could be an issue.

According to this article written by Harvard Health, it isn’t an issue.


But, according to the author of this article, omega 6 is a problem. And, the artificial coloring is of significant concern as well.

Reasons to not eat tilapia.


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