Politics is B.S.

I am pretty clear on one thing, politics is B.S. and people in politics are just B.S. artists. I understand that it is important for people to know how to talk to other and that is part of the art of politics but it conflicts with the science that should be supported by facts. Each side is just focused on going for the throats of the other side.

It reminds me of a time I had to go to court against someone I cared about. The other person was saying vicious things that I never would’ve imagined them saying while we were close. But, suddenly, the gloves were off and I was getting pummeled.

I really don’t know how to people can go after each other, often in public, and then soon afterwards act like they are best friends and have always been best friends. But, that cuts to the core of politics which is doing whatever it takes to get what you want or what your party wants, even if it is clear that you are completely full of crap and your arguments have no weight.

Surprisingly, I listened to the calls Trump made to other politicians claiming that there was fraud in the election. He sounded very convincing at times and I kept asking myself why the government just didn’t rerun the election in contested states or why there was some pretty good testimony from people who seemed credible and that was just swept under the rug so that things could move forward and nothing was hung up.

A lot of people were upset. So upset that they staged a “revolution” at the Capitol that seems like more of a publicity stunt than anything. People died though and more will probably die after what seemed like hundreds of thousands of people were walking around without masks, during the biggest pandemic we’ve seen in over one hundred years. #smart

I am not confident about the future. I think we have a lot of problems with other countries stealing our intellectual property, losing jobs, inflation and government spending that is out of control. I think there is a strong possibility that we will have a young inexperienced woman as the President of the United States within the next couple of years and that could be bad in many ways, including but not limited to the fact that she likes to play identity politics.