Just Reached One Million Readers

I just reached an interesting milestone on Quora, a site I use to post questions. Quora pays me a small amount of money to post questions when I have questions. One question about freedom garnered about one-third of the total views and had some interesting answers.

Prior to using Quora, I was paying about $40 per month for a different service that would allow me to post questions and get answers directly from professionals in their respective categories.

But, now I can post questions for free and even make a few bucks. Plus, I can build up a following that I surely can use in some way in the future.

Over the past twelve months or so, I’ve asked about 850 questions. That may sound like a lot and it probably is but some days I might ask a dozen questions and not have any other questions for days or weeks.

I saw a YouTuber post a review of her experience with the Quora Partner program. She wasn’t too impressed with the payout and I am definitely not impressed either.

But, I’m using it as a more complete social media strategy that will continue to grow and provide avenues that I can use to possibly promote my business.

You’ll notice the low number of upvotes and shares. On questions I post, I only get upvotes when I respond to commenters and my response to their comment is upvoted. In my opinion, there isn’t much value to that measurement because it is really just showing that people received and read my answer. Commenters on the posts receive upvotes and some commenters received thousands of upvotes for their answers to my questions, further driving traffic to the question.

The only time shares is used is when people want to share a question with their followers. But, since there aren’t a lot of people with many followers, I don’t think that is of much value either. Quora doesn’t seem focused on helping people build followers. I think they should but they aren’t. If they focused on that and got people to have more followers, I think more people would invest time on Quora. I am surprised that they don’t even show my username or picture on the questions that I posted, and I’m not sure how to even get to my profile from the question.

Maybe that will change in the near future.