New Favorite Food

I’ve been trying to buy more fresh food for a while but I often throw it away because it goes bad. I purchased egg plant a few times lately and each time it just sat in the refrigerator because I don’t like eggplant and was only buying it because I guess it could be healthy. 🙂

My sister bought me an air fryer a couple of years ago. I have been trying different foods. A couple of weeks ago, I put some green apples in the fryer for about fifteen minutes and was very surprised at how they came out. Normally, I don’t like apples and green apples especially often have a tart taste that just doesn’t agree with me. But, I know apples are healthy – or so they say – and they are better than most processed foods.

I am not sure if putting green apples in an air fryer is actually frying. It seems more like baking. A neighbor said she thought they were roasted. Either way, whatever the heat does to them, it makes them delicious.

I saw a post online today about adding some coconut oil. I might try that but I don’t think it is necessary.



I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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