What I Learned – This Week

I’ve been basically hibernating this week. I’ve been trying to get stuff done but for the most part I have been in the house on the computer, trying to think through things I need to think through. I did go to the mall one afternoon. And, I spent some time hanging Christmas lights and talking to neighbors.

I spent some time reading about physics. I stumbled across a very interesting article about quantum entanglement. It has been proven that particles over far distances can share a common bond so when a change happens to one particle, the other particle changes.

While that sounds crazy, multiple experiments by scientists seem to prove it. And, while I don’t think it directly proves a link between the thoughts two people might have over distances, I would like to think that two people, separated by long distances and generating thought energy could somehow be connected to another person over a far distance.

I feel a strong connection to some people. I’ve woken up in the middle of the night and felt that someone I know might be thinking of me. Its possible. Have you ever thought about someone and then they called minutes later? Have you ever felt like going somewhere only to see someone close to you there at the same time? Coincidence? Possibly.

Article in Symmetry Magazine.

The articles reminds me of another article about a test called the double slit test in which particles seem to be able to predict what is on the other side of a barrier with two slits. Could it be that the particles are linked and sharing some kind of data that tells the other particles what to do? Is there a level of communication so small that we haven’t discovered it yet?

If radio communication is possible, I think communicating with other people is possible. It is just about energy and transmitting energy from one place to another place.

In other news.

I learned about some Russian cyber attacks that have been going on for nearly six months but were only recently made public, I assume because the companies they attacked have been seeking some kind of retribution and also want to alert other companies of the threats. Whether the attacks are somehow sponsored by the Russian government is still open for review.

I remember the last time I met someone from Russia at a trade show. I was very impressed with his level of intelligence and ability to cut through the BS that I often need to listen through when talking to Americans. I think they are very direct people and for some reason there seems to be an enormous amount of computer science talent in Russia.

The U.S. government has now blacklisted over 60 Chinese companies in response to hacking that we’ve seen from them. It is clear tat China is now our friend and why we continue to work with them in so many ways is beyond me. They’ve been clear that they have a long term plan to be the single greatest power in the world and with that they will likely try to control other countries, much as they control their own country.

On another note.

I was watching a documentary about the founder of the TV show Community. I can’t say that I’ve ever watched it, likely because I haven’t had TV for the past few years. Earlier in his career people were calling him a ‘genius’ writer so they gave him an enormous amount of money, access to stars and resources to make what I can say is probably the worst show I’ve ever seen.

It was painful to watch. They said it was the “most expensive pilot ever created, ’til that point’ at 21st Century Fox.” I can see that, between the celebrities and the special effects, the costs were probably up there. The underlying store was ridiculous. I get that is was a comedy but I didn’t find it funny.

What do you think?


I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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