Mulch is not a big deal. Lowe’s has a recurring deal that is four bags for ten dollars. Great. Only one problem. Of the dozen or so options for mulch, ranging in color and chip size, there are no samples at the store. Why is that?

To see a sample, someone has to rip open a bag, spreading mulch all over the place and chances are someone will throw that bag away. Problem not solved.

Why not just have a small sample bag next to the display that shows users – clearly – the size of the chips and the color. The bags are sometimes not clear and even if they are it can be difficult to see the color through the packaging. A nice clear sample bag would do the trick. One static bag and another for landscapers or anyone else to take and show someone who might not be at the store, without actually having to buy that specific option.

Mulch Sample Bag

This is not a very clear example but I’m sure you can visualize what I mean.

Just a little thing that seems so simple yet hasn’t been done. Why?


I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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