When I started school, I went to school, was told the classes I needed to go to and when. I showed up.

My parents never had a really in depth conversation with me about how to plan school, what I might want to do or ensuring I have the proper resources to reach those school or education goals.

Fortunately, for people who aren’t good at organizing or planning school, most of us can jump on YouTube or other platforms to learn at a good self-pace that matches the personal speed of learning, vs. learning with deadlines.

After school, we are in charge of our own learning. We can choose to stop structured learning or take steps to structure future learning so we are gaining new knowledge to help further our personal and professional lives.

I’ve been using Google Sheets to organize many parts of my life. I created a master spreadsheet to organize school, programs I’m taking and as I come across new programs I might want to take, I put them on the list.

Learning Spreadsheet

Focusing on building hard and soft skills.

Learning skills – soft and hard skills


I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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