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I’m doing some research for a bill I am working on that I hope to submit for review when life gets back to normal, to a degree. It is difficult to determine when that will be an it seems nobody has the answers.

I’ve already had phone conversations with three Maryland State Senators and various committee staff including but not limited to the Judiciary Committee. Unfortunately, a couple of people have changed positions, one retired and another was just getting acclimated to her position – tell me that she, at the time, had no idea how to take care of my request.

I’ve been trying to research a specific type of case and feel watching some of those cases would help. But, since courtrooms are closed, I’m not sure how to handle it. This morning, I’m sending out a few messages to see if any hearings are being help online and if I could get access to those hearings, as part of my First Amendment rights. If there are on Zoom, they should allow people to sit in on those calls, as a spectator. If they deny the ability to watch cases that would normally be public, in the non-Covid-19 era, they should get some kind of system in place to do that.

I would like to sit in on a few cases to see how the process is being handled now and use that data as part of my efforts to revised the law.

I think that would actually make for a good product. Apply for access to any courtroom and gain access, then broadcast that access to people globally. It could help people from other countries to learn how our system works and I feel it would also help fix what I’ve seen as a clear issue with judges in Maryland who need a bit of oversight. The only issue I can see is that some other people in the courtroom would have to give permission to have their image shown on the recording.

If the O.J. Simpson case could be aired, why not all cases. That might sound boring but I think it would be wonderful to have that level of transparency.

The U.S. Constitution

CourtTV is around but it has more of a dramatic newsy feel, including announcers. I think public broadcasting should be available and streaming cameras set up in each courtroom, regardless of how many people are there or they type of case.


I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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