Finance Call Scheduling

Distractions are big. Those calls from finance companies that are unscheduled and they just expect to reach you and disturb whatever work you are doing, not good. One one hand I get that they want to reach you and remind you to pay them but at the same time they are often distracting from the work that is going to generate the money to pay them. Some kind of scheduling app is definitely something I would put on the idea list in the future.

How could finance companies deal with this issue? I think they could call or email with a calendar request, giving the recipient a schedule for a good time to call. This would be optional. The customer service rep would send the request. The recipient would select the time that is best for them. The call center rep or finance person would call at that time, instead of calling at random times throughout the day, hoping to catch someone – often off guard and unprepared.

I think this would help with reducing time required for each call because both parties would be prepared. I think it would help reduce the pain customers feel. I think it would help to get issues resolved and could help to get more payments made.

If a customer schedules a call or in person appointment and misses the appointment, that is another data point the finance company can use to say that the customer was not cooperating, vs. what they do now which is just leaving it to chance that they can reach the customer. The chance method isn’t great because they often won’t or can’t leave detailed messages, because of privacy issues.


I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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