Ear Out for New Recipes

I was watching an interview yesterday and perked up when I heard the interviewer ask if the person was more of a cooker or a baker. The two discussed how baking is more about calculating the right amount of ingredients whereas cooking on the grill or stove-top can be a little more of an art form.

Bill Burr, the man being interviewed, said he is currently “really into” lentil burgers and had a hummus sandwich prior to the interview. Both sound interesting though I am not one to eat a lot of bread because it can cause cloudy brain.

I do eat quite a bit of hummus. I’ve never made my own but I assume it starts with mashing up a bunch of chick peas and adding some seasoning. That might be something to try in the near future. Homemade hummus.

On a separate site, someone posted something about roasting watermelon because it tastes like meat. Hmm. That sounds interesting. The amount of sugar in watermelon is a bit high. The last time I ate some I was bouncing off of walls for hours. Maybe roasting it would toughen it up a bit but I’m almost certain it would dry it out. I’m going to check it out and might post a follow-up.

roasted watermelon

This is a link to the Quora article.


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