What is the Green Party?

While completing a recent government questionnaire, I was presented with the question of which political party I below to. In looking at the two main parties, I often disagree with what they are doing.

The Green Party, while including the word “socialist” in the description, is focused on environment and I don’t think there is a bigger issue right now. I am pro-business but don’t think raising taxes, especially during a global pandemic, is going to help create jobs. If the Green New Deal being pushed by democrats is that we raise obscene amounts from increasing taxes and then use that revenue to somehow offer incentives for people to create, market and maintain green technology, I’m halfway okay with that.

My problem with the Republican Party is that they are too pro business, often overlooking our global health and the future of our planet. I do feel like the Democrats are currently in too much of the negative complaining mode. Complain about things but don’t do anything. Or, complain that the republicans are doing too much to damage the planet, take some political action to reign in those actions but, outside of that, they aren’t doing much other than policing the republicans.

The Green Party is described here in more detail. I think the main value of another party is to get ideas in the mainstream, discuss them, refine them, and then when things start to make sense – the thinking can bleed over to the other parties. Unfortunately, the two main parties are too busy accusing the other party of lying or not caring enough, or being crazy, to actually get anything done.

More on what I am doing, in the future.