Personal Health Tracking

When I began trying to revamp my diet about 8 years ago, I was immediately overwhelmed with how much I would have to keep in my head and think about. And, it isn’t just about memory, a big challenge is – well – challenging everything that I’ve been taught and constantly looking for something better.

I somewhat recently started going in depth on Google Sheets, tracking everything I can think of so that I can find new ways to be healthier, tracking what works and what doesn’t, and keeping track of my progress.

My basic organization is that I create a master sheet and then sub-sheets for more granular tracking. Over the past 12 months, I have lost about 10 pounds and have started to get on track to get down to what I feel is my ideal weight of 190-195 and reduce fat while increasing muscle.

Mental health is important also though so while vegan or vegetarian is my choice for diet, I also need to consider that fat is important and sugar is not. I’m working to find a balance there. Sugar really causes me to crash. As I do more mentally challenging jobs, mental clarity when I need it is especially important.

I have found that tracking foods alone aren’t perfect. I’m also paying closer attention to my environment. A couple of years ago, I was suffering from dry coughing and headaches that just wouldn’t go away. I started using a humidifier and that has helped a lot. I’m also trying to track to different allergy seasons. Wearing masks for Covid-19 may be helping to a degree because I don’t think this fall was as bad as previous falls, when looking at my sinus issue.

I’ll continue to post thoughts on progress including what I hope will be a new workout coming up. I have never been able to get a regular workout in place because I am always distracted and have trouble remembering routines. Hopefully the tracking will finally help with that and writing on this blog will help with my accountability.


I grew up in Baltimore and currently live in the Rodgers Forge community just north of Baltimore City.

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