New Tools for Business

I got a call from someone in Pikesville looking to do some work on their home. Their house was built in the 40s and has quite a bit of stone patio surface area and the borders of the house were very dark. They’ve lived in the house for decades and by the look of the stonework they haven’t done much work on it within the past 5-10 years.

After a few hours of working, I was able to get the front walkway area to a point where the woman said it never gets that clean when she cleaned it in the past. Overall, I needed some more time to do other areas of the house and she will likely have me out to finish sometime over the next few months.

After trying several cleaner mixes, I finally found a mix that worked to clean the surface and it looks like new and is definitely nicer looking that its been in decades. So, right now, I have the go-to mix for getting that work done.

More projects to come.

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